Current/Recent Work



Into the Woods

The marvelous Sondheim/Lapine hit Into the Woods, where the characters in the fairy tales of Grimm, come alive wishing for a better life, first looking out only to their own self-interest, but learning in the end that true happiness comes from a collective caring about others. Slippers, golden eggs, towers, witches, princes, all just amount to a handful of beans without friends. Told in a hilarious book by James Lapine with glorious music and lyrics by the master Stephen Sondheim, we discover that while we may lament our lot, we can do something about it, just remembering “No One Is Alone!”. Torian plays the Wolf and Steward in this production; click below to learn more about Theater2020.

The Fantastical Dangerous Journey of Q

THE FANTASTICAL DANGEROUS JOURNEY OF Q is the story of Q, an upper elementary student struggling with gender and identity issues, who faces the daily difficulties of preoccupied parents, bullying peers, and communication with challenging teachers... but with a bag of tricks shared by Q's neighbor Nix, everyday objects grow and are endowed with powers that allow Q to face larger than life threats head on! This new hour long musical features song, dance, and puppetry. Torian plays Leon, one of Q’s bullies, in this production. Click below to learn about the producing company, Rebel Playhouse.

Coming Out

Charlie and Liz have been best friends since kindergarten, so a rooftop conversation together isn't completely out of the ordinary. It's only when Charlie reveals the secret he's been holding onto for years that they face a crossroads in their friendship that Liz is totally unprepared for. Torian plays Charlie in this short play headed to the Hudson Guild Theater's NYTF Summerfest '18. Click below to learn more about the show.

Nantucket! The MusACKal

Nantucket! The musACKal made it's summer debut on the beautiful island of Nantucket, MA in Summer '18. Young and old audiences alike are treated to "400 years of history in 70 hysterACKal minutes". The small ensemble cast plays a variety of historical figures integral to the development of the island as it is today. Check their website below and follow them on social media for information on future productions!

Bright and Brave

This workshop production was presented at Dixon Place in Summer '18. Bright and Brave is based on a true story, and inspired by Morris B. Kaplan’s Sodom on the Thames and the words and poems of William Johnson Cory and Reginald Brett, Second Viscount Esher. Under the controversially progressive guidance of their tutor, esteemed scholar William Johnson Cory, Reginald ‘Regy’ Brett and Charles ‘Chat’ Williamson embark on a journey of self-discovery, love, and how to come to terms with a world that will not love them. Click below to learn more about the show.


Me Prometheus: Caveman Love Story

This musical was hosted at the Hudson Guild Theater as part of NYTF's Summerfest '17. It follows the story of Herbert, who discovers fire and attempts to convince the rest of the Gurg tribe of its benefits, with much hilarious difficulty. Torian plays one of the featured members of the Gurg tribe, a disconcertingly carefree beachfront community. Click below to learn more about Me Prometheus.



This short play made its NYC premiere 6/3/17 at beautiful Wagner Park. Written by fellow New Paltz alum, Sara Lyons, it follows the story of a young girl trying to retrieve a precious family heirloom that was stolen from her. Torian plays one of the thieving boys, who also double as guides for the young girl on her journey.  Click below to learn more about Rootless.


Giovanni the Fearless

This charming folk-opera premiered at Theater for the New City on 5/12/17. The whole family can enjoy a musical tale about the power of love, a troupe of traveling actors, an old castle, two young lovers, and a couple of ghosts! Torian plays Arlecchino, a member of the Bombasto acting troupe, as well as several ensemble roles. Click below to access the press release.


The Apple Corps

This production, sponsored by the Department of Transportation, tours elementary schools throughout NYC's five boroughs and presents a fun and informative musical about traffic safety. Torian plays Eddie, one of a group of kids that shows a newcomer the best ways to be safe in the busy city. Click below to learn more about Flying Ship Productions.


I Love You and I Want You to be My Bird

This song cycle was presented at Dixon Place on 12/3/16. It examines the nature of birds as uniquely symbolic throughout all human culture. We are taken on a transformative journey through the eyes of four birders who yearn to gain something from their feathered friends. Click below to learn more about the composer



Fannie Lou: The Musical

Select scenes and songs from this new musical were presented at Hunter College on 10/22/16. The show is based on the life of voting rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer, who struggled to secure voter equality for African Americans in 1960s Mississippi. Torian played Junior and Mr. Thompson, who each feel the resistance to the cause in ways both subtle and dangerous. Click below to learn more about the show and playwright.

Love Bites_1.jpg

Love Bites

Love Bites is a short play that premiered at Theater for the New City's Dream Up Festival on 9/11/16. It follows the interaction of a young man and his ex's mother at the ex's wedding reception. Torian played Luke, who is made to consider what exactly made him want to attend in the first place. Click below to learn more about the annual Dream Up Festival.